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14 December 1981
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They change their sky but not their soul who cross the ocean.

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I use to get so many comments about my default icon! It was from a painting called "Goddess of the Tides" by Jonathan Earl bowser. When I changed default's, I decided to use another of his works, River Genesis. You can check out the rest of his art at his website.

"Rhapsody and her Evie cat saved me from certain death. I'd recommend them to everyone!" - saynac

"In the innermost sancta sanctorae of Sacred Lemurian harlotry, none can match what Rhapsody can do with small bits of cod and spikenard." - weishaupt

"Rhapsody's not only great with words but also great with people. So please discontinue beleaving the rival canidates poison lies about her and her affiars...lets talk about politics and when we talk about politics lets get serious. And for a proper choice my vote goes to Rhapsody." - unworshipediety

"She's great! And hot! And smart!" - myshanter

"She routinely radiates not less than 4.7385 gigalumens of greatness while also helping to prevent cancer and heart disease. Any question? She trained her cat to act like a dog and fetch!!!" - apostate_96

"Rhapsody's better than New York style strawberry cheesecake! And she won't go straight to your ass and thighs." - plazmah

"Sweeter than your favorite mead, more powerful than any medium, rhapsody_98 is sure to delight and surprise with her intricate tales of history as well as with her humorous accounts of her own life. An awesome friendy. :)" - abittwee

"She's good people and she gives good LJ and Comments. :)" - scarletdemon

"I was amazed to find that my Rhapsody_98 can slice, dice AND julienne! Rhapsody_98 is freezer/oven/dishwaser/microwave safe! Whenever I pull my Rhapsody_98 out of the cabinet the kids squeal with glee because they never know what will happen next." - iamtamtamiam

"rhapsody_98 is always great,
She loves the cats I love to hate,
Medieval knights are to her liking,
Or she would settle for a Viking...
For RPGs she has a weakness,
Which only illustrates her geekness.
Apart from having sex or eating,
Reading her LJ takes some beating!" - scarletdemon

"Your personality shines through in all of your posts. You are real and unpretentious with such an optimistic outlook on life. You have positive energy radiating from you" - spirited728

"I used to be tired, rundown and suffer from headaches. Then I tried rhapsody_98, now not only am I full of energy all day, but I have since been elected president of all the sea and can command any sea creature I desire. Try rhapsody_98 today, full of briney goodness." - trashmcstate

"rhapsody_98 may or may not have eaten placenta and if she has, it's because she is sick in the head (and from Tennessee)." - bengraham

"How bad is it that she's the normal sister?" - beenie_avonlady

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