Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke (rhapsody_98) wrote,
Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke

Well, I've Been Creating All Over The Place.

Quickly, before I go to my full time job, two BIG things.

My book is up on Amazon: Murder in the Mountains by Emily Monroe. 7 for print and 2 for Kindle. I drive around town Saturday deliviering review copies so that museum gift stores will carry it.

Second, I am having a baby. In November. I was apparently 8 weeks along before I noticed. I will know more after my first ultrasound, and I won't know gender until May.

I am literally so stunned I don't know what to do with myself. This surprised the heck out of us. Doug has turned into a mother hen, regulating my seatbelt wearing, what I eat or drink... It's really sweet, but annoying.

Also, since the Internet and I had our big breakup, I suck at web presence, huh?
Tags: baby, books, writing
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Deleted comment

Oh I finished the book! I need to purchase a physical copy too :) I'll review it this weekend on Amazon and Goodreads for you! <3 And congratulations on the baby.