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It's hard to believe that my Evie turned ten years old in April. She's still such a sweet, loving cat. She's an old lady now, and it shows. She moves so slowly, especially down stairs. Some days it looks like she's so very stiff. She doesn't play as much as she used to.

Recently, she's been having some issues with the litter box, and has been instead using a specific spot in the kitchen floor. So I took her to the doctor.

He said her hips were in really, really bad shape. She probably was in too much pain to climb into the box. So I have to get a shallower box for her. Also, if she was downstairs, it might have hurt too much to climb upstairs to get there.

He gave me some pain meds for her, and I gave her the first one yesterday.

It was like I had my old Evie back. She wandered around the house for the first time in ages. She went upstairs for the express purpose of using the box, and then came back down instead of going to sleep.

She had been jumping up on the bed and letting lose a little "MEEP." I hadn't even noticed, but she stopped that last night. I bet it was a meep of pain, and now she's feeling better she's not making any noise. My poor Evie. I'm so sorry I didn't get you to the doctor sooner.

I dread the next few years. Beauty was only sixteen when he died. He stopped being as active about this same time. Will Evie make it much longer than he did?
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