Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke (rhapsody_98) wrote,
Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke

Post Transformers 3 Snark

Warning: Spoilers ahead. The Autobots win.

These are in no particular order, by and large they're the things we whispered to each other in the theater.


"Here comes Optimus to save the day, as long as the Decepticons don't throw string at him again!"

"Good thing Megatron has resume download on his mega weapon."

"Wow. If Megatron had waited thirty seconds, he would've won the war."

"You know what would help you keep a low profile? NOT BEING A FUCKING BLUE AND PURPLE TRUCK."

"And here we are in Chernobyl. Never mind that radiation, we'll be fine."

"Because this whole plot couldn't have been completed on the moon. Where they were already. And where there are no meddling kids or Navy Seals."

"And the world ends with a DERP."


"What's up with the chains on Megatron's chest? Are they for his snow tires?"

"Yay! We're going to climb this building to the forty fifth floor. And then we're going to parachute to the street! For no reason!"

"God, all this is is capture the flag gone wrong."

"Nice how no one was cut by all that falling glass."

"We stopped the Decepticons! And we only killed fifty people that time! We're doing much better."


"Don't move. Decepticons can't see you unless you move."

"We need to scatter our weapon of mass destruction all over the earth, so we're going to cluster them at these recognizable places."

"Just because your character is voiced by Leonard Nimoy does not give you the right to use two separate Star Trek quotes."

"And through it all she keeps perfect hair."

"And in other news, Decepticons have replaced heart disease as the number one cause of death in America."

"Why did they have to use humans? Didn't they invent the Terminators last movie?"

"Wait, they might be able to work in one more brand name....."
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