Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke (rhapsody_98) wrote,
Queen of the Kingdom of Blue Smoke

20 Weeks

Tomorrow I go see my doctor for my 2nd trimester ultrasound. We'll find out if we have a Will or a Kitty. I finally feel pregnant, especially since I feel the baby move about every three days or so. The baby hates dubstep. A friend turned up the music loud and she (?) started "banging" like the grouchy neighbors downstairs.

Doug got me a coffee drink for tomorrow. Caffeine and sugar to make her active so we can get good pictures.

I hate to be THAT woman, but the baby is the only thing new or interesting in my life, since I was laid off from the Nature Center.

Well, I had a kidney stone two weekends ago. That was a while weekend vomiting and in agonizing back pain, worrying about whether the kid was getting enough calories since I wasn't keeping food down. A few hours in the emergency room on Sunday and an emergency trip to the Baby Doctors on Monday to check her out, and I passed the stone Monday morning. And didn't even notice, really. That was anti-climactic. Anyway, I lost four pounds, but she was fine.
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